Apus de dragoste

Your rays woke me upthey warmed me and strolled me on flowery plains.I had dreams in which I traveled among clouds of all shapesthrough them I saw flowers, charts, hearts, pleasures and wild animalsso many different colors and forms you showed me under the blue vault.When […]


Cristal drops running down, faith is struggling. Breaking canvas, colors get lost around deformed rainbow fights and stands. Agony, hope The soul is shrinking, the fingers are trembling part of life, alive cells, breath, hopes, thoughts. Bring together all senses, built together the longest trip, crying […]

Seria “inamicul de azi”

Mi-am propus ca în anul 2024 să îmi ofer bucuria de a mă ocupa de latura mea artistică oferindu-mi timp și răbdare, petrecând timp în biroul meu printre și împreună cu cărțile, scrierile, schițele și gândurile mele.M-am lovit mereu de prea cunoscutul “nu am timp”, practic […]

Aripile lor

And their wings,What will they be for?Their hopesWith a sense of foreboding looking aroundEvery second is screamingWhat the heart tries when pumping so much blood, to keep this life aliveGot stenographers from the mudSpectators with no seatsBeing everywherePlay after playWe are all in disgraceThe metaphors of […]


Inconvenience to othersNeedUnconditional given handsYour eyes are searching for the look of real smileFights to stop feelingsGut feelingsShrink my headSqueeze my heartWish today will now could stopIs it weaknessIs it now, or is it the past?Could it fade as all good thingsDrowned away by oafishCrossing roads […]


You are the cover of my bookFear and emotion fill pagesI have a war with my pastCan love make peace,Or will it last ? Afraid of perpetuationRepeating the same mistakesForgiveness is lostAnd lessons not learned Today you know the meaningAnd you use it in vaneA heart […]

Poezie din adâncuri

DivinLasă-mă să te numesc așa,Cum sufletul te strigăDintr-o teama, un necunoscut, dorințe și curiozitățiAșa ai început să mă chemi la tine Nu-i nici târziu, nu-i nici devreme.Un moment matur.Desculță, încălțată, dezbrăcată, îmbrăcată,Somnoroasă, odihnită, fericită sau mâhnităMă primești în fel și chip De câte ori plec, de […]

Nobel Prize Museum

I felt it again. The traveler that wherever might go will always relate with that place. I am looking forward actually to reach a place where I will feel like I can’t relate with. It makes me curious. What could that place be and where? Of […]

From generation to generation 

Does awareness help? I believe it doesn’t. On the contrary, and it makes things heavier. Take one problem and place it in a family. How the 20s will think about it, 40s, 80s…? The 80s will wait from the 40s to guide properly the 20s. The […]
The sunset of love
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