I am 
Madalina Komninos

madalina komninos

Reflecting back on what I have learned about myself,

becoming aware of my feelings, about who I am, who I feel I am, I decided to go outside my comfort zone and embrace this emotional journey of writing.

I’ve been living my life with a dream about me making visible my writings. There was always an image next to me, a parallel story. Sometimes there was a poem, short-story or a long one, different reflections, a deep instinct that was calling me, that was leading myself and my words down to a notebook to give life to these thoughts.

I decided to follow my dreams, discover myself  and grow in this direction.

While I am asking myself who am I, my heart is fulfilled and comfortable when I dare to say “I am a writer”. I am a storyteller, intuitive writer.

This is who I am. I love to travel, learn and always discover new experiences, which inspires me more. I feel like I can walk closer to my inner voice and understand better the stories that are waiting to be written down.

One of my favorite places to be, where I always get inspired and find myself, where I am able to listen to myself and not get distracted is under the sea, as one of my biggest hobbies is diving.

That being said, I would like to finish this short presentation letting you know about some interests of mine, maybe you would find what we might have in common:

writing, diving, cooking & baking, blogging, traveling, music, film, dancing, gardening, crafting, sculpture, reading, literature,

book collecting, nature photography, sailing, comedy, musical theatre, DIY projects, painting.